Bears, Cubs and Otters Piggy Bareback Gay Sex

Topher Phoenix & Buck Bailey

Added: 2019-05-18

Topher Phoenix is getting a nice blow job from newcomer Buck Bailey, as this scene opens. Before long Topher wants a piece of Buck’s perfect ass and gets him up on all fours. Buck craves Topher’s cock and moans with each bareback fucking thrust. On his side, off the bed and doggy, Topher plows Buck fast and hard, slow and deep and back to fast and hard. Topher’s favorite position is Buck buried in the bed as he power drives it deep, with his sweaty chest against Buck’s back. Buck gives a helping hand and then finishes Topher off by sucking the cum out of him. Then it’s Buck’s turn to release, and he shoots a nice big load all over his hairy belly.