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Sling Gang Fuck at Victor Cody’s Part 2

Added: 2018-08-25

Victor Cody invited Topher Phoenix and MuscleBull to Florida for a hot weekend of nothing but hardcore gang fucking. Check from this second scene from an all-out leather sling sex orgy with cock sucking, ass eating, and bareback fucking. The scene opens with Victor Cody guiding newcomer, Phillip Moore as he fucks mature and sexy Benjamin Grey like a rabbit. The scene pans over to the couch where the gang bang is getting started, with Topher Phoenix plowing Austin Bailey hard, while MuscleBull works his cock and nips. Sean Redrock is stuffing Daniel Ptomaine’s furry hole before the scene pans back to Benjamin getting fucked in the sling. Then it’s back to the gang bang, with Cesar Xes getting his thick Latin cock serviced by Austin, while Topher fucks his hole hard. Daniel is still going at it with Sean, plowing his bear hole good with Victor cheering them on. Then it’s back to the sling where Benjamin is getting a good pounding by Cesar. Next up, in the sling, is Sean taking MuscleBull’s furry thick frame and big Puerto Rican dick. Then Cesar and Phillip gather to watch the fun before MuscleBull gets Daniel up in the sling. Daniel gives a helping hand to Cesar while MuscleBull bareback fucks him, and Victor comes up behind to tease MuscleBull with his tongue and cock, while he’s fucking Daniel. It isn’t long before Austin joins in on the fun. The scene nears its close when Benjamin takes a turn on Daniel’s hairy bear hole with Austin servicing, and Cesar fucking Sean raw. Topher jumps in for a go at Daniel’s asshole, and then it is back to Benjamin delivering a cum shot on Daniel’s belly.