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Topher’s Train at Victor Codys

Added: 2018-09-15

The weekend at Victor Cody’s wraps up with a train run on Topher Phoenix. The scene opens with some banter in the group that someone wants a conga line. That line up is going be for Topher’s hot and hairy man hole, and one after another gets his turn. Daniel Ptomaine starts by letting Topher go for a raw ride, before turning him over for a bareback pounding. Then young Sean Redrock fucks the stuff from of Topher’s ass, even picking him up and throwing him down on the sofa. This USMC vet may have a small frame but he can man handle Topher like it’s nothing. After plowing him good Cesar Xes, Victor Cody, Austin Bailey, Phillip Moore, Benjamin Grey all take their turn, some more than once. After getting fucked silly, Topher is ready for Benjamin to cum all over that worn from hole.