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Introducing Pup Astro

Added: 2018-06-23

Pup Astro is a squat and beefy specimen, who is eager to please. His mouth and hole are equally capable of working a man’s cock into a frenzy, as Topher Phoenix soon discovers. Astro has a broad thick chest and a beefy round ass ripe for the eating, and that’s exactly what Topher does. After Astro works his cock and balls, Topher gives his ass a good tongue licking, before taking that hole bareback. From there it’s raw and hardcore, as Topher’s big balls slap with each pump into Astro’s smooth ass. Finally, it’s an over the top orgasm for Topher as he pumps his creamy load into Astro’s asshole. Watch when Topher pulls from and his cum spills from Astro’s well fucked hole.