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Introducing Dean Ryder

Added: 2018-09-22

A hardcore barebacking weekend at Topher’s house starts off with this scene featuring newcomer Dean Ryder. Dean is a big beautiful young man with curves in all the right places. His gorgeous round ass is ripe for Topher’s tongue and dick. These two start off with a little making from and nipple play, before Dean goes down on Topher Phoenix. Then Topher flips the man over and dives tongue first into that amazing hole. Then, ass licking turns to bareback fucking when Topher slides his stiff cock in and delivers a hard pounding. A position change has Dean on his back, and the two moan and grunt with each thrust. Finally, Topher gets Dean on his belly, and wraps his strong thighs around the young man, so he can finish him off with a deep ass breeding.