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Flipping Richard Lionheart Threeway

Added: 2019-03-09

MuscleBull and Topher Phoenix enjoy an afternoon with Richard Lionheart, a fit, trim and inked otter with a nice thick cock and ass of steel. Topher gets things started with a rim job that has Richard moaning and squirming. MuscleBull joins the fun and lies down on the bed for Richard to straddle him. Topher mounts Richard and pounds his hole, balls slapping, while he’s pressed against MuscleBull’s furry muscular frame. Then Topher heads south to suck on Richard’s donkey dick, while MuscleBull bareback fucks the cock hungry otter. The tables are turned and MuscleBull gets worked over, as he readies himself to ride Richard. It’s a tight fit, inside MuscleBull’s hairy hole, as Richard fucks him while he jerks off. Finally, MuscleBull strokes out his warm cum all over Richard’s chest.